Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wilson AVP Official Gameball Volleyball (Yellow)

Recently I've been playing volleyball after signing up for a class at a local community college. Sports are a great way of keeping in shape and having a bit of fun! I definitely suck at playing hence a "class" is needed. But even if I was good, class is a great way of having consistent fun. There are students in my class of all levels: beginner to advanced. Some played in high school. I started dabbling with volleyball when I first went to volleyball camp in 9th grade. I never tried out b/c it conflicted with tennis at that time. I had fun learning and it stayed with me til after college where I played with my friends at a local park weekly. Because of the volleyball camp, I remembered the fundamentals of bump, set, & spike! I'm so glad that I got back into it again and I hope that the more I play, the better I get. It's great to expand some sort of skill instead of doing the same old routine of treadmill & eliptical.  This makes me very happy! :)

OC restaurant week

OC restaurant week is here again. Sept 26 to Oct. 2nd. Sadly I will be out of the country to enjoy this food affair~ I love restaurant week in any city because it allows you to try different restaurant at a fraction of their usual cost! Pre-fixed menus with many deliciousness to adventure into! Go out, dine, and be merry! Let me know if you try any and would recommend. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


One of the cheapest activity that someone can do is baking!

I baked my first every FULL size pie this month: Blueberry Crumb Pie!  TA-DA!!!  I had fresh blueberries from Cost Co, so I decided to make this OH SO DELICIOUS PIE! :)  Yes, I am very proud.

My favorite recipe site is:  I go to this website for I'd say more than 50% of my cooking needs.  Allrecipes Cookbook

This is a picture of the slice of pie I enjoyed along with my friends for many days.  I was on a baking frenzy for a month, but after gaining 10lbs, I realized that I needed to stop!  Otherwise, I think I'd be baking every week.  Oh well... Anyway, enjoy the picture, recipe, and I hope you get a chance to bake something yummy too!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Captains Boat Yachting Yacht Sailing Fishing Hat CapThis past weekend, my friend & I went sailing for the first time ever!  It's something that escaped my mind in trying out b/c I was too zoned into surfing, skydiving, and water rafting.  Sailing seemed too much of a luxury, saved only for the rich and famous!  We were very lucky because we received a free 3 hour Intro Lesson to Sailing. Otherwise, it would have cost over $170! 

We met up with our very experienced Instructor Ralph from the Marina Sailing Newport Beach Club.  He was kind, patient, and knowledgeable.  He taught us very informative & random details of the 30 ft boat that we were on and about sailing in general.  We learned how to set sail, tack, and steer the boat.  For 2 hours we were out in the waters saying things like: "Prepare to tack." "Ready to tack." "Steer right, left, straight."  It felt really amazing to be out in the waters as I was first on the wheel.  I've never driven a sail boat before so it was an experience to remember.  It felt very natural like driving a car! 

Being out in the waters made me appreciate living in OC all the more.  I love the beach, I love the weather, and I just love being outdoors.  Ahhhhh....~   Wind in the air, smell of the ocean...and sound of the sea otters.   Yes, sea otters.  Hahaha. :D

After our lesson and relaxing time together ~ it was bitter sweet to say goodbye.  My friend loved it too and was eager to go sailing again.  As it can get expensive by joining Sailing Clubs, a good alternative is taking a class at a local community college like OCC.  If I had the time, I totally would take the class... maybe next Summer I will be wearing navy & white sailing thru the Newport Harbor sipping on a margarita~~~  a girl can dream~