Thursday, October 15, 2009

OC restaurant week

I realized that to make this blog really helpful for other readers is that I need to announce all the upcoming events before I actually attended them. It's a learning curve in starting this website I suppose.

Unfortunately I was disappointed with the OC restuarant week choices that I made this year: Geisha House (Santa Ana) and Royal Hawaiian (Laguna Beach).
Geisha house in my opinion is over priced. It's more of a place you would go to be seen and to see. A trendy decor with so-so food.
I've never been to Royal Hawaiian...and when we passed by it, it was always loud with music: seemed happening. Unfortunately I was super disappointed in the food, service, and environmnet. Lesson learned, don't go back. The picture above is their rib and shrimp dinner. I would say that the quality was of "denny's" quality. Sometimes all that "noise" is just noise.
LAdine week was much more pleasing... will post more about this later.

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