Monday, September 13, 2010


Captains Boat Yachting Yacht Sailing Fishing Hat CapThis past weekend, my friend & I went sailing for the first time ever!  It's something that escaped my mind in trying out b/c I was too zoned into surfing, skydiving, and water rafting.  Sailing seemed too much of a luxury, saved only for the rich and famous!  We were very lucky because we received a free 3 hour Intro Lesson to Sailing. Otherwise, it would have cost over $170! 

We met up with our very experienced Instructor Ralph from the Marina Sailing Newport Beach Club.  He was kind, patient, and knowledgeable.  He taught us very informative & random details of the 30 ft boat that we were on and about sailing in general.  We learned how to set sail, tack, and steer the boat.  For 2 hours we were out in the waters saying things like: "Prepare to tack." "Ready to tack." "Steer right, left, straight."  It felt really amazing to be out in the waters as I was first on the wheel.  I've never driven a sail boat before so it was an experience to remember.  It felt very natural like driving a car! 

Being out in the waters made me appreciate living in OC all the more.  I love the beach, I love the weather, and I just love being outdoors.  Ahhhhh....~   Wind in the air, smell of the ocean...and sound of the sea otters.   Yes, sea otters.  Hahaha. :D

After our lesson and relaxing time together ~ it was bitter sweet to say goodbye.  My friend loved it too and was eager to go sailing again.  As it can get expensive by joining Sailing Clubs, a good alternative is taking a class at a local community college like OCC.  If I had the time, I totally would take the class... maybe next Summer I will be wearing navy & white sailing thru the Newport Harbor sipping on a margarita~~~  a girl can dream~

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